Tips To Control The Possum Population Around Your Home

Tips To Control The Possum Population Around Your Home

Every person loves their garden, the trees and plants. But your garden gets easily invaded by possums. A possum expresses themselves as an adorable and pleasant fellow. But these adorable fellow animals can make your house turn into a nightmare. Although they are abundant from offices, they are not welcomed even around the property. They are most likely to damage your gardens. However you can control their population from future invades in your house. Below are some helpful ideas to stop their entry in your houses and to maintain the balance for a longer duration of time.


•  This system is precisely made to hunt down the possum movement. Alarms give a quick response to any shifting or any movement and as soon as it detects any sort of movement, it immediately pops a search light or produces a sound of screeching.

•  Use it with a safety measure as if a house owner has a pet then it may cause damage to its brain. Many alarms come with new era technology by running through sun rays as it eventually saves your monthly bill.

Electric Fencing

  • This method is said to be the best of all, it will give the most instant success to all the house owners who are equipped with such technology.
  • It may be the best method but to get such success in removing the possums, you need to invest on a monthly basis for applying electric fencing. It is not at all easily approachable for middle-class house owners.


  • This method is quite neutral, it means it would either work or it will not work. It totally depends on our pets’ breed, as you all know there are hundreds of breeds of dogs. If you want your dog to help you out in removing the possum population, then you might want a strong hand scary dog.
  • Make sure that your dog is playing safe too. Don’t let the dogs get confused by drawing too many baits as if the possums start invading your food then it might get tough for your dog to reach it.

Do Not Feed The Possums

  • Well, this method can be quite helpful for you and your home, there are many times when you throw your leftover food in garbage bins, instead of throwing them in garbage bins, throw them a fair distance from your house.
  • This will eventually help as the possums will not invade your house as they will get the food way before your house. 

Take The Help Of Professional Pest Control Service

At Pest Control Wright, we provide you with the best of treatment for pest control, especially for possums attack. We provide the best customer service whether it is before taking the service or after taking the service. We have the best of the methods available which will help you in getting rid of possums. Our expertise and skilled pest controllers do their job with many successful years of experience. We won’t harm your health or your garden’s health by the products as we use natural products which are non-toxic. Feel free to contact us, for any sort of pest control services.